Ilocos Province

September 2005

Ilocos Region one of the northern provinces in the Philippines, a place where one can be lost in memory lane. A living heritage of the country, existing for more than 400 years. Preserved by time, history, culture, and people, the town itself speaks of Philippine rich history.
It’s definitely a must travel place for Architecture students, historians, travelers, and basically people who knows to admire. The influence of either Renaissance, Romanesque, or Gothic is all around the province.
House with Stone ground floor walls, wooden second floor walls, capiz windows, ventanillas, high-pitched roofs. “Bahay na Bato” in local term, a  house somehow related to Antillian Houses, where one can see fusion of Spanish, Asian, but definitely very well adapt to Filipino Architecture.






 “Thrice the Bell”

“Leaning Tower of the North” 


 “Kalesa Lane”

 “Cobblestone Road”




 “Corner Stone”


“Brick Walls”

“Let Down Your Hair”


“Northern Folk”


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