A mountain retreat!

Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines

September 2007

Known for the famous hanging coffins, by the indigenous groups Igorots this cold place would surely be haven of exploration for adventurers, spelunkers, and nature lovers in general.Situated in the highlands of the Cordillera, Sagada has a lot to offer, from the cool cold climate, unending lush of greenery, numerous caves, rich flora and fauna and unique culture are waiting to be explored.
Despite of the long hours of travel, the peaceful and serene atmosphere the place has to offer exudes everything apart. Definitely a must travel for city people who wants to be in commune with nature, and wants to be stressed out from the city’s toxic life.







“Rocky Cliffs”


“Hanging Coffins”


“Where Earth Meets Clouds”


“Foggy wih a Chance of Rain”




“Pine Paradise”


“Brown and Green”




“In the Cave”






“Rose Wheel”


“Mold-ed Beauty”



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