One of  the finest beach in the Philippines!

Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines

17-21 August 2010

Perhaps the most famous in 7107 island of the Philippines, Boracay despite the commercialism, still continues to awe people with what lies afar from Station 1, 2, and 3.

When we left Manila it was gloomy and raining, I was quite anxious that it would be the same faith for Boracay. Luckily the sun was shining hard, added by the hot surge of Visayan Air.

“Left Wing”






“Shadow Wall”


“Two Stars and a Blowfish”


“Sun, Sand, & Skimboard”


“Low Tide”



“My Life”






“Coconut Landscape”


“Yellow Burst”


We stayed at Chalet Tirol at Station 1. My cousin from New York managed to rent the whole place for few days just for us. It offers a beautiful beach just in front of the house. We arrived after lunch due to the delay of our suppose to be morning flight. When we got to the place, we immediately run to he beach just to see the beach area. What surprises me, is that during the afternoon  is low tide, and every morning, it is high tide! You can see the vast sand-scape and the carved current waves on the sand, about 30 meters from the fence of the Chalet, and when it is high tide, the water line would just be along the fence!

The sun was scourging hot, not to mention that the whole stretch of that beach is fronting west, so other than the added heat of the afternoon sun, it also provides a view of the sunset! And it is really beautiful, a color of amber, yellow, and orange would burst up the atmosphere.

A little wandering around the area, getting my henna tattoo, island hoping, and of course beach side activities such as skim boarding is definitely what i explored and tried!

The Inn we rented, also offers the kitchen, dining, sala, and basically the whole house. So we decided to cook our lunch the following day, and of course we need first to buy raw ingredients buy ‘D Market’ about one tricycle away from our place. We also decide to check out first the various crafts and shell art works in the nearby ‘D Mall’- a good place to look for pasalubongs.

“Something’s Fishy”


“Hanging By”

“Constellation of Underwater Creatures”





Island hopping…definitely one of the must try activities when going to Boracay. One gets one to see every beach area of Boracay, every developments, and every fascinating vistas. You could also ask the boat operator to take you to one of the snorkeling sites in the area, something i also enjoyed.




“Into Deep”


“Life Vest”




“On the Rocks”


Puca Beach one of the stops of the island hoping, is just a-ma-zing!!! On the beach area are various restaurants “dampa” style , offers yummy foods, on an expensive scale. Meanwhile the interior of the restaurant is quite humble, cogon roofs, natural sand flooring, molave post, and shell crafts as interior design. While waiting for the foods, dont be surprised when you are bombarded with a huge number of tradesmen selling pearl accessories of all sizes and shapes!



“Puca Shells”


“Wood and Shells”


“Plastic Bottled Shells”




“By The Resto”




On our last few hours before heading out of the island, it rained for a while, while we were trying to make out of the most Boracay experience, swimming by the beach while the rain was pouring. As we head out of the island,I was looking back on this famous island.You know how Boracay would look like even without stepping into their famous island. But once you stepped on it, every puzzle of adjective of what is Boracay would all form one big beautiful tropical paradise: White fine sand, coconut landscape, blue clean water, party atmosphere, dramatic sunset, numerous activities, and beautiful people.



“Boracay’s Finest”
“Blue Lagoon”
“Goodbye Sun”


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