St. Augustine Church & Belfry

Bantay, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

21 August 2010

Belfry, other than its function of calling people to mass, also serves as a look out and as such providing disaster call for the community. St Augustine’s belfry with its location on top of a hill, serve as a watchtower for approaching enemies of the Filipino during the Spanish Regime. Located meters away from the church, and was built in 1950s.

Made in bricks and stone, this structure, stands in time amidst the time and standing majestically on the hill, and compliments the Neo –Gothic Church situated just below its glory. This heritage structure, must one of the places need to be seen, since it reflects, history, architecture, and time.




“Butterfly Shutter”


“Watch Tower”



‘Tower Center”








“Bell 1, Bell 2”




“Wooden Carvings’








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