A surprising present from “my someone”!

15 August 2010

Sunflower was my ultimate favorite flower. I remembered that I once bought a sunflower plant back in Tagaytay when we had our retreat. And after couple of days the flower died out, and after couple of weeks the plant surrendered in my unfaithful un-green hands.

I just love the immense size of the flower, its color, and over all its “tropicality” and its bohemian flair. When I fell in love with her, I made an a pact to myself that the guy who would give me a sunflower no matter how big or small, one or a bundle, would definitely be the one I be married to.  Luckily my almost 2 year’s boyfriend that time gave me a sunflower, together with other flowers. I was startled to receive my very 1st sunflower from anyone; much more from the one I loved the most.

It’s definitely one of the best “Kilig” moments.








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