Nanang’s Last Farewell.

Brgy. Pus-Pus, Bantay, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

10 October 2010

My Grandma, which we called “Nanang”, died the most unfaithful date: 10.10.10.

“Last Shot”


“Nanang’s Call”

I remembered that for almost 2 weeks, we heard the news that she was having hard time breathing and eating, and as day surpassed she was getting weaker and weaker. Dextrose can’t be an option, since her nerves are too brittle. A week before her death I can remember that I was about to visit her in the coming weekend, since I know, she will no longer survive. Friday night came; I decided to have a Saturday trip. But as Saturday came I decided not to go anymore, since I know, it would be harder to say goodbye seeing as it would be the last goodbye. Afternoon of 10.10.10 I was on my way home from Cubao, I received 2 texts without reading it right away. The first one was from Globe, and the other one from my Dad- saying that my Nanang is gone. At first it didn’t sink in, but as I was seconds away from our house, I was crying.

The wake took 2 weeks, as we are waiting for my aunts to come home from the USA. During the first weekend, I came by to visit her just for the weekend went back to Manila, then back to Ilocos on her last wake days. Different people came, especially during nights, flowers in pots and stands flood the way to her niche, and different foods were given to help us dole out for the ones who stayed up very late for the wake.

It’s hard not to cry, considering that I was one who took good care of her when I was at Ilocos having a vacation. I’ll definitely miss her.


“Come to Thee”


“Huling Pagsisilbi”

“A View from Her Bed”

“Last Goodbye”

“Bed of Death”



“Balloons to Heaven”


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