A Free Photo Bootcamp from my boss – professional in photography techniques and experience.

Phinma Properties Office, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

29 January 2011

It is so noticeable nowadays, especially here in the Philippines, that camera and photography is so in, especially for those people who can afford the luxury of it. Wannabes for instance would buy camera, without even knowing and perhaps even using and even maximizing the capabilities of that mechanism can provide.

I myself became enthusiastic for photography ever since I started studying Architecture, capturing different famous buildings, structures, monuments, and basically the built and natural environment. It may be for the use of study, research, inspiration, or basically capturing something beautiful and memorable in my eyes. I myself like to capture architectural details, buildings, landscape, seascape, nature, flora and fauna, and anything and everything in between. Given my artistic dexterity I can say that despite the lack in formal photography lesson, I make sure that I use it in photography composition.

I’ve wanted to take photography workshop, yet my humble salary wouldn’t allow me. Good thing, a free photography seminar, in our office was held! Outside the office it would cost you a thousand bucks just for the basics.

The workshop is very straightforward. Thanks to my boss who also happens to be the Instructor, and I can say who is very well adapt and passionate enough to lend some of his time, knowledge, and some of his experiences in terms of photography- FOR FREE!

Good thing I was a bit familiar with photography terms, so I didn’t have a hard time coping up first with the different various terms. So basically it all falls down to 5 major things in photography –







These added by other techniques, like the sought after Panning, and Bokeh.

These items may be complicated at first, but it’s a matter of practice, and getting to know your very camera, it may be a simple digital Compact Camera or SLR, added by a good composition and a story behind the captured scene, then it picture would be a sure hit.

We did some photowalk just around our office’s area, and its kinda hard looking for the strong points of the place. But given that the area  is not that picturesue, I just looked for something mundane and make it look good in pictures ( I hoped I conveyed that in my shots!), and of course, use EDSA as one of the strong points of the place.

After the boot camp, I went to SM Megamall to grab something to eat.  I then came across a Red Lantern Tree within the Atrium, it looks so good and well adapt to the February theme which is by the way “Red”. So i grabbed my cam and took pictures before pigging out!



“Fire Exit”



“In the Wall”



“Kung Hei Fat Choi”


“The Eye”


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