Cebu Day 2

Day 2: Something new and refreshing!

06 March 2011


Sunrise Watching

Marigondon Blue Reef Resort

I woke up around 5 am of Sunday. I switched off the alarm of my phone, and took a sneak look outside the window. It was still dark, and there was no hint of sun rays creeping out of the horizon. I tried to get back to my sleep, but I had a hard time. I was remembering what happened the night before: the traffic I never expected to happen outside of Manila as we get down to the resort,the dinner we ate-chicken and pork barbeque, and our first taste of “puso” (steamed rice in coconut leaves) ,  our attempt to swim despite the coldness of the water and the chillness of the air and, sleeping earlier than my friends due to exhaustion I felt.

I tried to doze off again, since I thought that my sleep wasn’t enough after all that had happened the day before. 45 minutes had passed and my friend shook my feet and woke me up, as I open my eyes, it was already bright outside. I immediately stood from my sleep grabbed my camera from the desk in front of my bed and headed out to the balcony. On that certain point of the horizon, just above the sea level, is an explosion of yellow, orange and dark blue atmosphere. We weren’t able to tell if the sun has risen as huge clouds blocked the view, or still about to rise. Minutes had passed, and whatever may be the case-it is really beautiful. A beautiful blending of the early morning cobalt blue sky and the burst of orange and yellow at that certain spot. It was a peaceful moment. The air was nice- not too hot or cold, added by the churning of birds, and smell of burning leaves from those nearby residential houses.  It was silent but not eerie silent. As we capture the morning sun, we suddenly realized that the sun was still about to rise, as we noticed a semicircular strong burst of orange in the horizon. And then it was. The ascend of the sun is so fast, but definitely worth the wait. How many times do you even wake up , stop and capture the rising of the sun?

Who can’t stop clicking the shutter for a vista like these?



After we ate breakfast, we get ready for the furniture exhibit to be held at Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City. As we wait for my friend’s cousin we manage to take lot pictures of ourselves, as we make a fool out of each other, and basically have a good time. But as were on our way, our plans had changed. We first drop by the house of my friend’s auntie, to eat our lunch, and grab some of our stuff needed for that day.

We headed out to the exhibit, packed with all our cameras, passes, and our excitement on the side. But all good modes fail, as we come to know that taking pictures is not allowed! Oh crap! What a waste of energy carrying my bulky cam. Oh well, we can’t do nothing about that, but confine the images and details in my mind.

The exhibit features the different designers – some from the Philippines, and other from abroad. It was so inspiring and breathtaking as you see these magnificent, well thought off modern designs, and simply appreciate those folk designs. It’s a mixture of modern, avant garde, Filipino folk, geometric patterns,etc. What impresses me the most is the booth of the Famous Kenneth Cobunpue. It is incredible for me since it was my first time to saw, touch, and feel his designed furniture. A video presentation was also featured in the booth, as it shows the design concept, evolutions of some of the designs, and some of the clients from all over the world! It was really inspiring indeed!


ZZZipline sa Busay

It’s the Tagaytay version of Cebu. That is what I thought off as we drove off to the mountains. The weather is cold, added by the gush of the wind, the view of the city downhill is beautiful, and of course the lush greeneries nearby. We’re about to try the prominent zip line in Cebu. 800 meters times 2 =1.6 km- that’s far!

The compound  features other activities such as swinging in the cliff, walking in the bridge suspended in the cliff, and the zipline of 400 or 800 meters in the, well cliff. I don’t know if I’m excited, afraid, or just freezing. It’s my first time to try such, and I don’t know what would it feels like. The zipline is grouped into 2 people each take, so we divided into two groups and decided to take picture of each other as we course those tension wires. My 2 friends get on first, and I was so nervous for our turn. i went first to the toilet, to let go of my nervousness, or else I might urinate while taking the zip!

After few minutes or so, my time has come. It’s now my turn!

I’m with my helmet and those ropes tied to me, the feeling of nervousness was added by the height and the coldness of the wind. “Upo. (Sit.)” the member of staff told me. It was awkward, since I’m standing on this deck with only the harness attaching my body to the tension ropes, as I tried to sit down on air. But soon as I managed to sit down properly on air, the guy immediately pushed me down to that stretch. I can help it but to scream all out the tension I had. But soon as I reached the ¼ of that segment, I suddenly realized that my friends was still on that deck, and were supposed to go side by side so that I can took pictures of her and vice versa. But then I tried to take pictures but I can let go holding the rope. The first 400 meters was fast, and the second 400 meters was slow, but that line is located above a cliff! It was the most nerve wrecking moment for me; I gripped tighter, and I can feel the weakness spreading in my legs. Few people below me, are looking, and perhaps laughing at me, since I can’t stop screaming and cursing. The course on the way back is still the same- same tension, screaming, and cursing. But on the last 400 segment, we need to walk first and climb stairs on to the last push to the course. Soon as I finished the line, I was feeling cold, relieved, and quite doubtful that I did that! After all it was fun experience!

These succeeding photos are taken by Kuya Tracy – my friend’s cousin. As he manages to take pictures of us while we zip the line!


After all that vocal, mind, and physical blowing experience, we headed down back to Mactan City. We changed first our clothes and took our way to hear mass. We decided to take the mass at the Birhen Sa Regla. Though I never heard of it, my friend told me that it is miraculous. As we arrived to the plaza near the church, there were a lot of people, more so inside the church. We swam our way through the crowd and managed to have our place inside the church. The place is huge, with a simple church interior. I felt dizzy, due to the hot surge of air encasing the holy place. As soon as the mass is done, we waived goodbye to the miraculous saint, headed home, ate our dinner and called it a day.


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