Cebu Day 3

Day 3: Something gastronomic.

07 March 2011


Lapu-Lapu vs. Magellan

Lapu-Lapu Shrine

I woke up with so much anticipation. It is our last whole day at Cebu, so we need to make the most out of it. Despite the tired body I had for the past 2 days, I woke up early. As soon as we had a rundown of what are we about to do that day, we took turns in the shower. We made every seconds count since the itinerary is a bagful, and I do hope we can meet everything on time.

As soon as we finished our breakfast we headed out to the Mactan Public Market. We bought some “danggit” (dried fish) and “tablea” (cocoa tablets) for pasalubongs.

Our next stop is the “Mactan Shrine”. You cant help but notice this 6 m high structure standing above the lush landscape of this park.  A structure that is wrapped in  molds and grasses in its grooves- evident of decades and centuries in memoriam of the famous Spaniard Colonizer- Magellan. Meanwhile, far on its left is his famous rival to date- -Lapu-Lapu. Cast in bronze standing stoutly on his own spot, and his back facing the tomb of his opponent. In front of him is a beautiful mangrove garden resting above those fresh water. He stands,  boasting of his muscles and great posture as if waiting for the next colonizers to fought with.

The gloomy day suddenly yielded, when rain poured out for few seconds. Despite the rain, the temperature is still high, as sweat drops by my face. Sticky and hungry as I am my friends and I walked by to the nearby Sutikil to grab our lunch!



People told me that when going to Cebu, one should never miss this famous food spot – Sutukil. Located just few meters from the Lapu-Lapu shrine. This stretch of restaurants are reminiscent of the “dampa” back in Manila, the only difference is its humble structure, its natural setting, and the food served. The restaurant boast of beautiful mangove s as a backdrop while eating freshly catched seafoods. While waiting for the foods to be served, staffs serenade you with a lyre as they sing some love songs. As long as the wait is over, we began digging in into our yummy lunch! Huge shells, seaweeds, “kinilaw na isda”, buttered shrimp, squid in oyster sauce, grilled angelfish, stewed fish, and the gooey looking “uni” ( sea urchin).  Famous Lechon ng Cebu is also served though it was bought outside. I’ve managed to get a taste of everything except the “uni” because of its awkward smell. After all the non-stop munching, my plate is full of all the shrimp skin and my tummy full of everything i did managed. I’m so full, i felt dizzy, and quite sleepy already.



Maribago Blue Water Resort

After the sudden downpour of rain, and the pour of food down to my stomach, we headed out to the exclusive resort by the Maribago area. The foggy weather cant dampen our spirits since we know this is our last chance for a sun, sand, and swim! Thanks to our friend back in college, that she managed to gave us free entrance to this private resort.

Upon entering the area, you would be greeted by a beautifully thatched circular reception. The whole block is a concept of Filipino Architecture as evident in the capiz windows, thatched roofs ,and wooden details. Its posh and modern. Upon walking past the facilities and beautifully landscape areas is the cove. White sand, thatched roof,cottages, palm trees, and blue water- all sums up to tropical paradise. I cant help but to lay down in the sun bed, and just savor the moment. Its serene and beautiful. Its peaceful. After few minutes of just enjoying the moment, we changed to our swimming attire. With my two piece on and boardshorts to hide my huge thigh were off to swim!!! The water is cold and clear. The white sand back on the shore is glaring my eyes as the sun somehow peeked for sometime. We swam and chat as we dipped our body to that holy water and we never boticed how time flew fast. Nevertheless we had a great time.


At the Edge

Edge Coaster Ride, Crown Regency Hotel

Its the fall of the sun and were went back to Cebu City to have our last Cebu Adventure at the famous Edge Coaster Ride at the highest hotel tower in the Philippines – the Crown Regency Hotel. But since the facility is open til midnight, we checked in first on the same hotel (for free!!) . As we waited in line, we decided that one of us can stay for the check-in while the other three would buy other pasalubongs and local delicacies  from the nearby Robinsons Mall. Shortly after, we went to our hotel room to changed our smelly shirt, and left our bought stuffs.

At the topmost floor of the said hotel, is where the various sky adventures are located. For the edge coaster, again it takes two person for the ride. Again I’m on the second group, and again i’m nervous! While we waited for our turn, we  took  pictures of the other while in the viewing deck. It was fast! After few minutes it was then our turn! I sat down, the staff strapped my seatbelt tightly- thats it! I cant help but to feel more nervous as the machine moved its way to the left and after few seconds it tilted for about 45 degrees! Scream flooded my vocal chords as I also tilted my head to the right, with my eyes closed trying not to look at the glittering lights below. I can also hear my friend screaming, but I can tell that she is quite enjoying the ride. I tried to look down and it was frightful! I had a cold feet – literally, and my legs are shaking as i tried to grip tighter to the railing in front of me. I screamed and begged for my friend who wants to decrease the angle of inclination. I tried to befriend the height, by trying to appreciate the view. It is nice, as if I am suspended in clouds of light and wind, yet at the back of my head is the fear of the possibility of falling. It ended so fast for less than 5 minutes. It was frightening and mind blowing for all 550  pesos. Yes it is that expensive but I think worth the experience!


After that knee weakening experience, we ate at the nearby Casa Verde. Famous for the cheap but tasty Baby Back Ribs for only 188 pesos. It includes rice, corn and carrots, and 2 big slabs of Ribs! Not that bad to end up the day’s journey!

We got back to the hotel room packed our bags for our journey back to Manila the next day.

It was my first time in Cebu. Definitely  commercialism is being embrace by its people as technology advances and as life modernizes. But the good part is, as they try to keep up with the fast pace of the modern life, somehow, their identity, culture, tradition, religion, and natural environment is still lurking within the city’s corner and streets. I only do hope that despite the continuing modernization, people can still hold on to their Cebuano identity and use it as their foreground for every developments and modernization. Nevertheless, with its historical, modern advancements, and achievements it is definitely the Queen City of the South!


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