ASYA: From Drawings to Reality

ASYA Enclaves Alabang Grand Launch

West Service Road, Cupang, Muntinlupa City

12 May 2011

For architects, to see their projects come to life is such a great achievement, from small scaled drawings to mere one is to one scale of reality. People can be awed by these buildings, others can perhaps criticize, but for some people they can never really see the progression from scratch to finish. Numerous punch list, renovation, refurbishment, mind you, it’s a tough job.

Gone are the days, when I’m just sitting at the office with air conditioning blowing in my body, doing all those cad drawings for this big project as I stepped in the construction site days before the Grand Open House. Days of agony under the tropical sun, nights of uncertainty of what time can you finally go home with tiresome feet, and a sweaty condition. It’s a spoon feeding job, especially for those sub contractors who can’t do things right and fast. A high pitched voice can be echoing in some areas, telling them what to do.  People who are meant to do their job, don’t actually carry out theirs. It’s unfair and very unprofessional of them, not enough dedication and hard work or I must say even a little work! Considering that they even manage to criticize and say a lot of things that tends to pull you down. It’s not even their job, and why they can’t just do theirs?!With that note I can say that it’s a hands on job, considerably a vocation. It’s tiresome but definitely worth it in the end, especially when things are done according to the drawings in the correct way.

ASYA Enclaves Alabang, perhaps the biggest project of Phinma Properties so far, a medium rise building subdivision in the heart of Alabang. Four buildings are constructed; others are still on the go. It’s just the start- a good start that is, hopefully in due time, everything will go into the right places.

Model Unit – 40 sqm.

Model Unit – 36 sqm.                

Model Unit – 30 sqm.   



7 responses to “ASYA: From Drawings to Reality

  1. Nice piece you got here… Architecture and being an Architect is not a job for everybody, its a painstaking job lot’s of patience, stamina, endurance… you name it Architects have it!…

    About ASYA Enclave.. is it better than Serendra?.. i like your photo selection here.. and keep up the good work..

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