Baby Arkin’s Flight

The Flight of an Angel

13 May 2011

To lose someone, especially someone who is very dear to you is perhaps the cruelest thing that can happen. It’s a given fact of this humanity yet for us human it’s really hard to accept such happening.

People do come and go, but how far can that someone go if they lose someone that came from them? They say that losing a child is the hardest thing a mother can go through. Carrying this child for 9 months, where physical changes happen, and perhaps emotional and even psychological things in between. You see and dream the future for your child, for your family. You see him, when he first came out, first to touch, first to kiss: the joy of giving birth, and the hope of outliving her son.

It was only 2 months. It was a long fight not only for baby Archin, but also for the parents. But definitely these few months are one of the most memorable and the most precious. He may not able to pronounce his first words –“MaMa” or “Dada”, but I do know that his grip to his parents’ fingers says more than that.  He may not have taken his first step, but now he manages to guard his parents. He may not have gone to school, but he knows better, for he made us realized affirmations in life.

Perhaps there are no certain words to describe such agony, no right words that will make the parents feel right. I heard her mom say “Sorry” and I can’t help but to cry upon hearing this word. Such humbleness in that note, but I think it’s nobody’s fault, no one is to be blamed. We may never understand now, but in His will, all will be better and whatever is His reason behind this, It will come in due time, and then we will understand.


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