I’ve Stuck with Harry Until the Very End

Harry Potter Tribute


Ever since, i flipped the pages, take pleasure in every depicted scene, learn by heart the famous enchantments and characters and never stopped reading until the very wee hours of the morning, I can say that the “Boy who lived” just captivated me. I opened my world, widened more my imagination, and perhaps excitingly embraced the idea that Wizards and magic do exist. But being a Muggle that I am, (not even a half-blood in any sense) I contented myself to the books, to the author’s imagination, and the movie interpretation of that famous book series.

I can clearly remember my mom giving me the first 4 books set back in early college. And as the story matured, progressed, and turned darker, and ended we siblings completed the set.

Seven books may be a lot, but I’m still craving for more! Each book is cleverly written, beautifully choreographed, and imaginatively described. Each is unique, yet all of the 7 are placed together well. Even the Book 2-Chamber of Secrets which for me seems like the “lame-st” book, found its way to be one of the essential foretaste in the last chapter of the series.

Movies on the other hand, still exceeds beyond someone’s imagination, though some scenes of it may be added or altered to somehow compress the chunky scenes depicted in the book.

It’s definitely the end. It’s sad, heart breaking – as if losing a friend, you get to see at least once a year for the span of 7 years. Sometimes I do wish that I’m part of their exciting world, and somehow a close friend of Harry’s.

A world behind the humans’ ability and forces, how can’t you be spellbinded?!Gringotts, Butterbeer, Quidditch, Ollivander, Room of Requirements, Dragons, Elves, Giants, Wizards, and Magic these may be fictional, but definitely it plays a compelling mind’s eye in me. Hoped that the book doesn’t end there, but as they say, good things must come to an end- good and unforgetful end that is.

A muggle that I am I may not be his number one fan,not memorized every scene and detail by heart, but definitely I can say that I”ve stuck with Harry until the very end.



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