A Rush of Cold Air & Screams

Part 4 of 4

ZZZzzipline in the Cordillera’s



Zip lines and adventure tourism has found its way and popularity here in the Philippines. Tree Top Adventure offers this kind of activities situated in the forest area of Camp John Hay.

A downhill walk in the numerous flights of stairs before reaching the briefing area is already a tremendous activity. Wait till you continue this downhill walk unto the Superman Zip line pit stop. My sisters tried the Tree Drop Fall, and as for me I survived the Silver Surfer and Superman.


Silver Surfer

Standing with only my hips anchored to the system and angled at 60 degrees as the ride took me downhill. It was a nervous wrecking moment; the hard part is feeling the weakening of my feet and arms. It was perhaps 50 meters one way and another 50 meters on the way back. The adventure is perhaps the longest since the trip is three times…so basically it is about 300 meters!



Soaring hundreds of feets above the Pine tress, rocks and forest floor while as I am anchored in a cable suspension system. As I am suspended horizontally, perpendicular to the cable, I flew, screamed, and cursed all the way. As I flew cold air surged into my whole body, it is definitely cold and shivering added by the trembling of my arms, feet, and limbs due to nervousness.

Baguio is Love

Baguio’s list of things to do will never run out. Even though we are always here at least once a year, still lots of places are needed to be discovered and explored.

And as commercialization continue to overcast this city, still lots of people continue to enjoy things that can’t be found nowhere- cold climate, food choices, nature, and much more. Nonetheless, for me Baguio will always be good place to relax, and just watch time fly.




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