A Winter Feel in a Tropical Country

Part 1 of 4 / Cover Story

December Holidays!


Baguio City is considered as our 2nd province. At least once a year, we travel and retreat to this cold place. Today we spent our Christmas here, a home away from home, where a promise of colder weather awaits. This is true during the December where western world influences the idea of snow, pine trees, fog, chimneys, and Santa Claus. Living in a tropical country, a weather of such would be a good thing. Baguio as situated in the highlands of the Cordillera Mountain Range, offers the next big deal to a winter wonderland. Scarves, leather jackets, boots, and long sleeves would soon be strutting in the streets of this cold city. And soon enough places to abode, eat, and just relax would be explored, discovered, and for me, revisited.




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