Baguio’s Food Haven

Part 3 of 4

Food Trip in the City of Pines

December 2011

When going to places, you should know how and where to please your hungry stomach by providing it with the best food one place can offer. Baguio’s list is unending, from Filipino food, Intercontinental, to American, Mongolian, and even Vegetarian. Sure enough people’s taste palette won’t be disappointed!

Sizzling Plate, Session Road

Food is ok, service is kinda slow, and waiters are no where to find when you need them.

50’s Diner, Gen Luna Road

Big servings of food for a cheap and affordable price!! Must try is the huge Clubhouse, you won’t be disappointed! Interior of the restaurant is inspired by the 50’s, with pictures of famous celebrity during that time, bar with pink neon lights, flooring is in black and white checkerboard, and a 50’s juke box…all sums up to the 50’s experience.

Don Henrico’s, Session Road

Baguio is where the 1st branch of Don Henrico’s is located. A culmination of Italian food! Sure enough our family’s favorite!


For those with sweet tooth, and even for those who are not, this place is a sure hit, as they are famous for their not-so sweet cakes. Bestseller is the famous Strawberry Shortcake, with a number of strawberries pouring unto its top. Strawberries are of course freshly taken from Baguio itself!


Street Foods!

Who wouldn’t love cheap street foods?! Located in areas such as Session Rd and Burnham Park, these stalls wouldn’t be hard to find. Pinoy fave includes fishball, squidball, chicken balls, one day old, isaws, beta max, and my favorite chicken baticolon. 5 bucks per stick is definitely not bad. Others include, mango, Sagada Oranges, and of course Baguio’s own– Strawberry Taho!




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