Daniel’s Park

Part 2 of 4

A Stroll in the Park!

December 2011


What I love about this city, is that it invites you to walk. Perhaps it’s the weather, ambience, and energy, or perhaps the places of interest are just adjacent to each other. Just like how Session Road is in close proximity to Burnham Park.

As the name implies, the sub-urban oasis is named after the Famous Architect and Master Planner of Baguio City – Daniel Burnham. Situated in the heart of this city, for me this is an ideal park: manmade lake, picnic areas, benches, path walks, bike lanes, skating rink, football field, ad an open stage. Packed with people during the weekends and holidays, but still the best place to relax, sit, watch people, and ponder. Various services can also be found in the area these include: street foods, henna tattoos, bike and skate rentals, and even palm reading!





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