Balasiw ni Tatang

A look back into my Grandfather’s Farm

Bantay, Ilocos Sur



I never met my Grandfather or as what my mother, aunts, and older cousins call him- Tatang. He died days just after my Mom and Dad married, due to lung cancer. From the old pictures they had of him he was handsome, has a nice posture, and all in all he was quite mestizo looking guy.

Back in his younger days and stronger days, he was a farmer. He and his family owned a vast piece of land situated downhill from our ancestral home. Again based on the old photographs, he had a simple beautiful nipa hut, where he used to rest and ate during his break from the tremendous farm works. Banana, Mango, Duhat Trees and Bamboo cast upon shade and comfort to this humble abode, and nearby water well can be located.

Back in my younger years, when we go to our province here at Ilocos Sur at least once a year, we used to visit his farm just to relax, and just look back to what he had done. This December holidays we siblings decided to visit our farm which is just 3 minutes from our ancestral house, just to take photos and just wander around. Now the nipa hut still stands, but not as imposing as they say it was before. The land which he left for his kids, now still flourishes with various horticultural plants taking care by the family’s farmer, and the produce is aptly divided to them. The photo shoot at the farm didn’t take long, since the sun is waving goodbye, and as nightfall folds unto the horizon. But as I look back and saw the nipa hut of my late Tatang, I can’t help, but be saddened by the fact that I never met him. How I wish that it would have been nice to have some memories with him that I can cherish and look back to. But somehow the vigorous farm he left behind, makes me feel  his presence and made me proud of what inheritance he left behind.


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