The Hidden White Treasure

Part 4 of 5

Natural Wonders of Mother Nature

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Burgos, Ilocos Norte

December 29, 2011

After that mind blowing experience in the wind farm of Bangui, we are off to the town of Burgos, where 2 spots are waiting to be explored. We are back on the sunny weather of the lowlands, while searching for any signage to where the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is. And then we saw it…from the National Highway we traveled 3 kilometers westward. Traveling rocky and dusty road is a sign that something beautiful awaits on the end of the trail. As soon as we finished the journey via vehicle, we soon arrive at the pit stop. From there on we walked down the cemented stairway leading unto the ground where various plants border the path. The Rock formation can’t still be seen, but as soon as the bushes of plants vanish, the view of the open sea awaits, and on the far right side is the famous rock formation. But wait, as you turn right ways a few hundred meters of rock, boulders, coral stones, bonsai mangroves, and undersized bodies of water with molds on its water bed are needed to be passed before climbing and stepping onto the Kapurpurawan. If fortunate enough, you would see fishermen taking Nori / Seaweeds from those coral rocks we passed by. My mom bought about huge amount of these local delicacies for P200.

Meanwhile on the right side is a huge cliff, clad in various stone, boulders, and plants swaying upon the ocean breeze blowing to them. On its top is a beautiful graze of grasses, it’s like a plateau with massive stone on its side. As we were nearing this natural wonder, the rocks are getting bigger and bigger that is harder to walk and climb this terrain. As noon sun cast upon heat, the Kapurpurawan strikes a glare due to its white washed finished. The anticipation grew higher as we came closer to the rock formation. When we reached the flat top area of the formation, it was really beautiful! The view of the ocean, the bonsai mangroves field, the plateau on the other side, the gush of the ocean breeze and the sun’s heat adds up the total experience! The huge formation on top stunned me! It was majestic! Its shape gives the impression of flexibility, grace, and elegance. It’s like dancing yet the limestone made it firm and strong. Curvilinear lines mark the sides of this formation; they are like flowing with the ocean breeze. Its white color adds to its elegance, and definitely made it all pure and natural. Few minutes to sit and just relax after a tremendous walk will surely be an abode. Such natural attraction will make you realize how they work mysteriously yet beautifully. Definitely the wonders of nature at its best!





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