A Greener Ilocos

Part 3 of 5

Something huge yet something green!

Bangui Windmills

Bangui,  Ilocos Norte

December 29, 2011

Said to be the 1st wind farm in Southeast Asia, these 20 enormous wind mills are definitely too big to be ignored! Facts said that 40% of the energy produced are sold to Ilocos Norte, with that in note, it is also said that the energy consumption per month of the whole province is already half of what SM Megamalls monthly due is. Wow that is really something!

We were on our way to Patapat viaduct when I first saw them, we were going downhill, and then…. IT WAS REALLY SCARY AT FIRST, 20 Huge Wind mills standing 70 meters above the finish grade line with its enormous 40 meters blades rotating on their top! As soon as we got closer, the curiosity widened. My mind wandered, and I was just blow minded.  Something so modern, so huge, yet green is standing tall and firm on the gray fine sands of Bangui. It was a looker, even if you’re just on the road passing by the town of Bangui. It is impossible for someone to not see these monumental scaled developments. It was breath taking!

Apart from providing people with renewable, alternative, and cheaper source of energy, it also helps the environment, and also placed the town of Bangui in one of the tourist spot destination in the Philippines. Now that is really something! Hopefully Bangui would be the pioneer for such developments, and if applied to other parts of the country, definitely there is a hope for a greener Philippines!



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