On to the Tip of Luzon

Part 2 of 5

Borderline:  Ilocos Norte and Cagayan

Patapat Viaduct

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

December 29, 2011

It was indeed a long ride. We left Vigan around 4 am and we arrived around 8:30am at the town of Pagudpud. It was 4 hours of drive, meandering around the national highway with some towns in between, rice fields, forest, view of the sea, and the end trail of the Cordillera Mountain. I was mesmerized on how landscape eventually changes from an open rice field of Burgos to a hilly forested area of Bangui then to the cliffs of Pagudpud. Same thing also happened to the weather, from the sunny part of the rice fields then to the overcast, cold, and breezy air of the Babuyan channel hitting the cliffs of the viaduct. We passed by the famous stretch of the Pagudpud shore, and just few minutes the 4th longest bridge in the Philippines awaits you. The bridge is 1.3 km long and elevated 30 meters from the sea level, bordering Ilocos Norte and the Cagayan Province.

It was a beauty, seeing it from one angle you can see how the road meanders and curve along the end trail of the mountain. The Babuyan channel meanwhile is beautifully bounded by this bridge. The weather that time of that particular day, adds up to the experience, the cold ocean breeze soothed my whole body, and the fog formed a far from the bridge created a sense of mystery to what is beyond the eyes can see. On the other side of the view, is the end trace of the Cordillera mountain, where a vast community of flora and fauna, and some random water sprouting from the cliffs. A Little number of vehicles passes by this bridge, so taking pictures in the middle of the road is ok, but still please be careful enough. Overall the Patapat Viaduct is simply stunning, for me it’s a nice place just to relax and just stare at the open sea after a long ride, after all somehow you managed to reach the northern tip of Luzon.



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