Romanticizing Tropical Fauna


Tabang, Guiguinto, Bulacan

22 February 2012


Few years back I became interested in studying Landscape Architecture.  The beauty of nature in every species of plants, their function, individuality, not to mention their physical attributes amazes me.

Opportunity strikes when we went to Tabang, Guiguinto, Bulacan to canvass plants and somehow get a grip hold of the different and wide range variety of plants we could use for the existing and future projects. A whole stretch of plant nurseries can be located on the said province, where other hardscape can also be looked into.

A wide spectrum of tropical flora somehow interests me, though the scientific names complicates it all. Nonetheless I’am willing to study all of these. For now researching and studying about them during my spare time would be a great way for a start up of a future love affair, just like in a relationship, getting to know is the first step.























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