For the Love of Flora

I’m a budding plant enthusiast. So when exhibits and events such as the annual Flora Filipina that cater to such audience, I should never let it pass.

Being a tropical country where there is quite a bipolar weather- either too hot, humid, or tropical monsoon washes the landscape, tropical flora has well adapted to these conditions. As such, tropical plants are sturdier, and very beautiful indeed. Diversity can be seen especially on these tropical fauna, from vast shapes, colors, textures, height, and properties, either exotic or endemic. To see a lot of plants would really be overwhelming, not to mention the blooming orchids, from the aromatic sanggumay to the world class waling- waling. Nonetheless I can say that tropical fauna never fails toΒ amazes me- to see such God’s wonder and diversity on a very rich tropical foliage is really beholding.


323 responses to “For the Love of Flora

  1. I live in the high desert, and my thumb is a peculiar shade of black; hence, I cannot grow ANYTHING here!

    …which makes me LOVE posts like this so much more. Thank you for the beautiful pix.


  2. I love Jason Mraz and will attempt to do anything he suggests…if I could just get over my laziness and complete lack of need for any of the complications…you know? Contentment…it’s way weird…people always want you to do something extreme so they can see that you’re still alive…so I ride my bike around Boston every day and pick fights with strangers…it doesn’t make me a bad person….I’m pretty sure of that….I love all of you that share your thoughts and feelings here and help inspire me every day….Thank You!!!

  3. Oh my! I love the pics of the orchids & bromeliads! Can you please tell me (if you happen to know) the name of the flower with the zigzag stems? Are those a type of orchid? They’re so intriguing! Great pics and congrats on being FP! God Bless and hope you’re having a great weekend! ~Marianne ^_^

    • I really dont know. I’m not sure it is a tree, or just a vine dangling from a tree…I just took photo since it is also my 1st time to see such geometric and angular stem…i’ll let you know if I get to know the name!…thanks marianne!!!my weekend is great since im freshly pressed!!!

  4. Lovely plants exuding heat and warmth. Many I’ve never seen before – for instance what in all the world are the ones in 08582 and 08583, please? I’d love to know. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos. πŸ˜‰

    • 08582–I reay dont know if it is a tree (since it is dangling from a tree) or a vine dangling from a tree…i dont know its name and it is also my 1st time to see such!
      08583 – it is a new budding fern leaf.

      thanks for loving!!!
      enjoy the warmth!

  5. Just gorgeous. Love that leaf with the basket weave looking pattern. Nature is amazing, as are your photos.

  6. wow these photos are so lovely! i mean actually amazing! i wish that i had access to such beautiful flowers πŸ™‚
    the uk is not blessed with so much beauty!

    • perhaps we have the best of both worlds…I can have tropical flowers but you can have something that is equally good as the ones here…
      anyways thanks for liking the photos!
      come here and experience the warmth of the Philippines!!

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  8. I share your love for colorful flowers. I wish that you will see an endless field of sunflowers soon, there is nothing like it. Thanks for sharing.

    • oh my…you just made me smile!
      thanks!! endless sunflower fields for me is something literal at the same time it also means my plans and hopes, and it also means happiness!
      I hope everyone including you will get to see their own endless field of sunflowers!

  9. This post makes me wish I was a photographer. These photos are breathtaking. Luck you to be able to capture such wonders. Congratulations on your fresh press.

  10. Wow! I always love looking at the different shapes flowers take – and how unique they all are. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  11. I love the photo of the leaf with water on it. There’s something about capturing water droplets in a photo that amazes me.

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  13. Wow ! Awesome ! I love nature pics. The real beauty of nature reflects through your pictures ! πŸ˜€

  14. nice i rebloged it here at

    fine i didn’t but please check out my blog and please share and maybe u can aprove this thanks!!!!! XD

  15. Wow! Truly amazing photos! When viewing them, makes me want to jump out and take some pictures. Most of the time I just paint them. Think I will break out the camera now. Thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚

  16. Wonderful photos, great blog. I live in southern France, we have endless fields of sunflowers around us in the summer! When this year’s crops are in full bloom, I will send you a photograph. Kindest regards, Chrissie

  17. Reblogged this on botanicart and commented:
    Beginning my sunday with a beautiful blog post. Check out these gorgeous flowers. Nature is amazing. No matter what part of the world you are in, flowers bring us such happiness & peace.

    Happy Sunday to you all!!!

  18. Your eye for Macro Flora is simply astounding! You have a great talent, don’t lose it πŸ˜‰ I hope to see you blossom with your gift as you have captured many beautiful plants doing quite the same. ~Jaksen

      • Twas not my intent, but I’ll go with it πŸ˜› I too enjoy taking photos of Flora in its abundance of variety. To know that someone else takes the time to stop and enjoy such simplicity of nature is always nice.

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  20. These pictures are amazing.Really enjoyed this post πŸ™‚ I love flowers and I like to grow them…always bring you so much joy!

  21. i am so excited as it is nearly summer and flowers will be blooming it wiill be the best year as i will plant millions of plants yay yay yay !!!!!!

  22. This a beautiful! I just came back from a spring bulb show myself! Love the colors, textures and smells of all the flora.

  23. I love flower photosβ€”looking at them *and* taking them. People look at you funny when you spend a lot of time lying on the ground with a camera and tripod aimed at some unsuspecting bloom, but that’s part of the fun.

    • yeah, they dont know how we became excited when we see some good prospect for a shot, and definitely when we get the shot we desired, there is a sense of fulfillment…

  24. hi … an absolutely awesome blog. so much colour … I too have just started a blog titled http://rodasflowergardenfromaroundthe and hope to really fill it up with the hundreds of flower pictures that I have lying on my hard disc. I have the lobster’s claw, the upward facing in the garden outside and the downward facing in my indoor garden and I love them.

  25. ~The Plant deva realm! ❀ Healing green and also many coloured medicine. The proof– the cosmic loves us. πŸ˜‰ *Sending Love & Appreciation back in our reverence* in tending to our own gardens. Thank you for your sharing!

  26. Great shots for a budding enthusiast! I can tell you had a wonderful time and appreciated the beauty that surrounded you. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Spring is nearly here in the UK and your lovely photos have whet our appetite for what is just around the corner!

  28. Yey! Congratulations, Emie! I remember you stopping by my blog one time and I couldn’t help myself rejoicing that another Filipino made it here. Well deserved, Emie. Well deserved!

    Anyway, the photos said it all although my favorite was the first one. Could you tell me what that plant is?

  29. Your photos are lovely. It’s nice to see photos that capture so well the identifying parts of some amazing plants!

  30. Fabulous photos.. i live in Brooklyn, NY, just a few blocks from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and I feel like my peace of mind is reset and restored every time I go there and just wander around all that glorious flora. The dynamic colors of your photos make me long for the garden! Now if only spring would fully spring!
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  31. Beautiful photos! Love the orchid shots especially. As coincidence, I had a photo of one of one of the same types of orchids on my blog today, too. πŸ™‚

  32. These photos are inspirational! I paint fairies, and although I’m awful at nurturing and keeping plants, I still draw inspiration from their beauty. Wonderful post!! =)

  33. Emilie, you have another plants buddy here, I couldn’t leave without orchids in the house i have 10 of them , blooming and dormant, (not as beautiful as your pictures but still lovely,then tulips, and soon geraniums, bougainvillea, oleanders …so beautiful things of life, Thanks for sharing that beauty!

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