The Perks of Being Freshly Pressed

These were the words that flooded my blog for the past few days. Some says congratulations for being freshly pressed, others says thank you for sharing those wonderful photos, others  compliment my shots, others tell stories of their own plants and garden, and others are simply proud of what I’ve accomplished.


It’s amazing how words and pictures transcend through the net, it bridges people, information, and places. Its like meeting YOU personally, its like getting to know YOU on our first meeting, and its like meeting a new friend.

YOU may have simply clicked the like button…

YOU who manage to comment inspiring and flattering words…

YOU who have the complete trust on me and clicked the follow button…

or YOU perhaps just having the time to read and view my shots…

AND YOU who have placed me in the FRESHLY PRESSED page—

I say my unending thanks to YOU!



It was really unexpected. After a year of blogging, I became part of what WORDPRESS says- The best of 474,603 bloggers…I feel humbled yet proud that yey! I made it.

Being FRESHLY PRESSED–I am happier, I  have more followers, I have bunch of likes, I somehow get to know people from all over the world, and my blog,  my other posts, and I had that limelight moment that somehow I have shared with the world.

Allow me to say how happy I am, how much I screamed, how much your comments made me smile, and how much I feel pressured right now.  😉

Nonetheless it is my pleasure to share everything I can an perhaps dream again of being in the freshly pressed page.




13 responses to “The Perks of Being Freshly Pressed

  1. Yes! Sounds like you are reveling in the abundance of love pouring through the internet to you & your blog. I like the fun, playful way that you wrote & shared the words of others. Words do have power.

    I can imagine how delicious this moment must be for you having tasted small bites of love on my blog. We all want love & connection and it seems as though you have it. Congratulations!

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