Banol Beach

Captivated by Coron

Part 5 of 9

It was lunch time when we finished wandering Twin Lagoon. We were on our way to Banol beach, when suddenly the sky turned into grey and downcast spots of rain into the waters of Coron. Along the way are these sculptural pieces of massive limestone jutting out of the water. Perhaps the whole island is a big limestone itself.

As we got into the Banol Beach, it is packed with tourist who made it first in time for lunch. Banol beach is small, with its modest nipa huts standing along the white shore. Some are eating in these generous spots, others are swimming, kayaking nearby, and others are just bumming around enjoying the scene.  Due to the tight condition  of the beach, we just stayed on our boat and there ate our lunch while swaying to to the crashing of the waves and the downpour of the rain. Grilled fish, pork, and squid, steamed rice, onion and tomatoes, and ripe mango as our dessert – surely a feast!



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