Lake Baraccuda

Captivated by Coron

Part 8 of 9

Our last stop is dubbed as the craziest dive spot in the country. It was named to a Baraccuda fish where its bone is found on the lagoon bed. One needs to climb ladders on the way. Hard, pointed, and edged limestone barricades this lagoon. Unlike the other spots, this area is visited by less tourists so  it is peaceful and quiet inside this barricaded place.When one plunge into the silent waters, it is calming and soothing. Some foreign divers manage to dive when we are in the place, and they managed to take a dip for around 20-30 minutes. When one will snorkel and swim, rock formations would greet you below, nothing much to see and discover, but nonetheless it was really a paradise.

Parking area for boats just outside the lagoon

The view of the lagoon from the ladder

The ladder upon entering the area

A “well like” area will visit you as you enter the lagoon

Panoramic vie of Lake Barracuda



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