Skeleton Wreck

Captivated by Coron

Part 6 of 9

During the infamous World War II, 26 Japanese Nasal Vessels where submerged in the waters of Coron, and one of them is the Skeleton Wreck.

The waters are really clear, from up the boat one can witness the wide variety of the underwater creatures. Snorkelling, swimming, and diving are the ways to interact with the fishes. They would be attracted to you if brought along bread crumbs to feed them. Aside from them beautiful and colorful coral and spiky urchins are flooding the sea bed. Around the area is the famous ship wreck. It was kind off scary, seeing the tip of the ship just about 3 meters below me. Matured by time and rusted in waters, various corals cling unto this submerged objects where numerous fishes abode to.

The ladder of our boat

The nearby beach from the wreck

School of fishes going crazy over a piece of bread



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