The Green Biodiversity of Coron

Captivated by Coron 

Part 9 of 9

Rugged gray limestones, towering the sky of the northern Palawan region…these are where the indigenous tropical flora can be found. Shades of greens and browns washes the landscape, with hues of blue of the sky and of the seas as their background. Species of yuccas, kakawati, calauchi, and other plants can be found. I wonder how these plants cling on to the hardiness of the rocks, and how they managed to survived without the nutrients from the soil. But nonetheless,  it is nature’s wonder on its finest.

Back to the Busuanga island, species of mangroves, coconut, bamboos, and other flora can be found. The hilly areas are covered in cogon grasses where cows grazed upon.

All in all Coron is blessed with the rich variety of natural wonders, where flora serves not only as a backdrop, yet a main player in the continuing evolution of the rich biodiversity of life in Palawan island.



The brown foliage of Cogon Grasses on Mt. Tapyas

Noni Tree

Rubber Tree


The view of Coron Island from afar

Palawan as they say is the last frontier. It is really a majestic place to wander and get lost.  A place where one can commune with nature and with history, and evolution of mankind.

I do hope that commercialism will not linger around the vicinity of this humble island, especially in places where ethnicity and rich biodiversity flourishes. I do hope that the Tagbanua people will continue to get hold and fight for their rights of their Ancestral domain, as they manage to take care and preserve their land and sea. After all it is theirs and we are only tourist giving respect and witnessing their physical and spiritual domain.

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