Captivated by Coron

Cover Story

Think of pristine sea waters where the colors of turquoise blue and emerald green waters blend and meanders through the carst formation and the colorful biodiversity of corals and fishes beneath the crystal clear waters. Towering above these tranquil seascape are the massive grey limestone formed by the splashes of water that matured through time. Yuccas and other endemic species are gripped tightly to these sculpted formation. A home  to the famous, expensive, and sought after “Balinsasayaw” Bird, – a rare specie wherein their saliva is worth every penny. Also the home of the Tagbanuas, one of the oldest ethnic tribe in the Philippines and they say has the direct line to the Tabon Men. Thanks to them, they opened their home and allow tourist and travelers to experience the unique physical and biological significance of their humble abode.

Welcome to Coron, one of the 10 best diving sites in the Philippines and as such named as one of the protected areas. Located in the northern part of the province of Palawan, the last frontier they say. For the Tigbanuas it is their home, it is sacred. It is really indeed enchanting, and I think I am captivated.


11 responses to “Captivated by Coron

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  4. I just got home yesterday from Coron and i really agree to your description of the place 😀 i also like how you described it. Really poetic. Uhm.. Do you know the plants that could be found in the mt. Tapyas?

    • thanks! From what I can visually remember, i can recall 3 plants from mt. tapyas:

      1. cogon grass from the grassland area
      2. Morinda citrifolia or the noni
      3. Kakawate or Gliricidia sepium

      from the limestone formations on the other side are
      1. dracaena multiflora or the false yucca
      2. plumeria ( not sure though of what specific)

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