The humble town of coron

Captivated by Coron

Part 1 of 9

It was a 30-45 minutes ride from the airport to the town proper. In between are unspoiled countryside; lush landscape of tropical foliage and some are brown pastures where cows are grazed upon. Coron is really a tourist friendly haven, local and foreigner tourist alike can be seen on the town exploring places and food the humble town has to offer.

We arrive at our lodge just in time for lunch. the lodge is simple and nice with the boat dock just in front of the property. The food that was served was a seafood feast and a handful. We rested for a while and got hold of the place, before touring the town on the afternoon.

The view above the island of Busuanga

Mt. Tapyas is one of the highest point in Coron, but perhaps it is the easiest trail especially for those hardcore hikers, with its paved stairs and hand grilles, it is really an easy task. But again it is 750 steps and it is still hard, but the view of the nearby landscape and seascape is all worth the pain. The view from above is really beautiful as it is best seen during sunset. A huge cross towers the rolling landscape of grasses. 180 degree view features the seascape of Coron Bay, the island of Coron, and he Coron Town just below the Mt. Tapyas, while the other half of the view showcases the rolling landscape of the mountains. A few minutes to rest and just enjoy the view and the breeze id really worth it.

Just as the sun, melts down into the west, we went far off from the town. About 20 minutes the tricycle ride paved from asphalt road to rocky ones. It was dark when we arrived at the Maquinit Hot spring. The landscape is blessed with mangroves and cashew trees nearby. The place is flooded with again by tourists, pampering to the 38-40 degrees  salt water hot spring water. It was really therapeutic. It was hot at first but then one’s body would acclimatize to it, as the water will massage one’s tired body. We headed back after spoiling ourselves to the hot spring, ate our dinner, and call it a day!



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