Crisp & Cool

Coffee and Milkshake

Part 2 0f 3

Nestled in the high plateau of the Cordillera mountain range, in the province of Benguet, lies the various flora of the highlands. With a temperature that is 10 degrees cooler than the lowland’s hot tropical weather , a different set of flora can be seen, but nonetheless still beautiful and beholding like any species of plants. Unlike the vast green and lushness of the lowlands landscape, the landscape of the Cordilleras is also blessed with such beauty and grace. The scent of Benguet Pines, the blooms of Cannas, the purity of White Storm Lilies, and of course the boldness of Helianthus species are just some of the broad richness of the highlands landscape has to offer, like any other plant species are, they never fail to satisy one’s senses.

Pine trees above the canopy of Mines View Park

View of the Cordilleras from the Mines View Park

White Storm Lily

Pink Canna

Yellow Candle Plant

Ferns and mosses clinging on to various trees

Helianthus species

Vietnam Rose

Helianthus Annuus



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