Dazzling & Yellow

Coffee and Milkshake

Part 3 of 3

The cold weather and climate of the highlands invites sunflower to grow and thrive on its rich soil. Perhaps to see such beauty on the corner of the street would be something very usual for those people living in the area. But for me its something more than anything, especially that it is not usual to see it grow in the lowlands. Sunflower is my favorite flower above anything else. I saw it just on one corner of one of the streets in Baguio. Cant help but to be saddened by some flower stalks bowing unto the ground, as if rummaged by time and decay. But nonetheless they never fail to dazzle me, as if they fall gracefully.  However a promise of something new, dazzling, and yellow awaits, as the new bud of flowers spring its way to blossom again.



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