Nostalgia within the Circular Walls

Paco Park: Oasis in an Urban Jungle



Amidst the grey, obscure, and busy streets of Manila’s industrial zone, lies a haven of green and breathable spaces. Stepped in Paco Park, located in General Luna street and east of Padre Faura, an oasis landlocked in time, culture, and history.

Once and originally a cemetery for the aristocrats during the Spanish era, where the national heroes; the Gomburza and Jose Rizal where interred after their execution, was a Japanese ammunition depot during the WWII, and became a cultural hotspot during the Marcos Era, sure enough a park that is a living story teller of Philippine history within and outside its circular walls.

Now Paco Park boasts as one of the popular wedding destinations in the metro. Walk within the aisle of weather beaten flagstone path as aged Acacia tress shadow your path. Witness your love gets solemnized under the domed roofed of St. Pancratius’ Chapel, where ferns and mosses cling on to its austere walls. It’s a rustic setting amidst the urban zone, its small yet creates intimate scenery, simple yet sophisticated, anxious yet nostalgic, and it’s sensible yet romantic. A park suited for your dream garden wedding set in a place other than being lush is also a green memorial to Philippines’ historical development. And now let the park witness your history in the making as your love unfolds and just like its fortfications, strengthened and matured through experiences and time.


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