14 Hours

Project 26: Solo Backpacking

Part 2 of 5

It was very cold. My hands are numb and trembling, looking for something warm to touch to. Good thing aside from my jacket, I brought along a blanket to bear with the coldness inside the bus. It was a looong drive, really long drive.

I left Manila 6pm of Oct. 31, 2012, I arrived Laoag at 5am the next day. Rode a tricyle and transferred to another bus that travelled for 2 hours further north. It was a gloomy morning, outside the glass pane of the bus’ window the clouds are hiding the morning rays of the sun, its all dark and blue. I am awake from the bus transfer or I might miss the junction point from the highway to Adams. I asked the bus conductor to drop me unto that point and after 2 hours of anticipation I was standing on that point-I am off to much farther.

Since Adams is not readily accessible, it’s a must to contact ride from Adams itself. Good thing I was able to contact the local driver who did fetch me and led me to remote town. It was locally known as “habal-habal” or simply a motorcycle where 2-3 person can be allocated, and it is my ride up to the mountains. The driver told me that the ride would take 45 minutes to 1 hour, so we better get going.

The ride greeted me with cold and fresh breath of the mountain. Though the road can get really tough and rocky, yet the view of the thick rainforest is really a feast to the eyes. I am greeted with trees of Tanguile, “Pakong buwaya” or Tree Fern, and various Philippine Mahogany Trees. Small falls and ponds can also be seen along the way.

As we get nearer the town, we passed by the Bolo River rich in river stones and boulders of different colors and sizes. Clean and clear water is glistening and splashing upon these stones. Above the span of this river is said to be the longest hanging bridge in the Northern Ilocos. It as about 800mm narrow where only pedestrian and motorcycle can be accommodated-one way. I transcended the path of this bridge and felt dizzy afterwards.

As we go uphill to the town I saw the sun peaking through the clouds above and through the leaves of trees. I was delighted and saw a promise of a wonderful journey ahead me. Roofs of the town houses were also in sight, locals who happened to passed by, I then saw a glimpse of Adams














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