Bahay Kubo

Project 26: Solo Backpacking

Part 3 of 5

After 14 hours of travel I finally arrived. The “habal-habal” driver first drop me off to the police station to sign up with their tourist centre, in case something really bad and terrible happened to me. The more I got excited and nervous when I saw on their list that I am their only visitor for that day and that their last was 2 weeks before Nov. 1, 2012!

I was then dropped off to the homestay. Since I am the only guest for that day, the owner gave me the most beautiful and simple abode. It is a “bahay kubo” a vernacular term for a nipa hut. A vernacular house building of early Filipinos, made out of wood and capped with “cogon” roofing. In this sense of world, the nipa hut standing in front me is modernized; equipped with electricity. lights, tiles, lavatory, and water closet for the bathroom. In front of this humble abode is an artificial fish pond where it is divided into portions: for kois and others for carps. It was neatly made and blend well with the environment. Bordering upon its edges are tropical foliage of greens and a colorful assemblage of flowers. Inside of this hut is a twin size bed with windows on its façade and rear side. On the back part, a private balcony is a treat. The border of the balcony perfectly frames the view of the mountain and its lush greeneries, added by the splashing sound of the fish pond beneath the hut, it is nonetheless a piece of my own private paradise-peaceful, cool, and serene.

As the owners prepared my breakfast, I laid down on the bed and slept for a while. Got some rest before trekking. Then after some minutes, I ate my organic breakfast-all fresh from the owners’ garden. As I ate on my own balcony, fronting the beautiful paradise in front of me, I am now much ready, excited and equipped to journey a day in Adams, and thankful that I saw such wonder in front of me.





Interior of th eNipa Hut with the view at the balcony


Passion Fruit


My organic meals


A sign of welcome







Hospitable locals of Adams







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