Chasing Waterfalls

Project 26: Solo Backpacking

Part 4 of 5

The story of Adam and Eve as foretold by our ancestors are said to be the 1st human on earth, were the first to experience the virgin paradise, the abundance of natural resources, and the bliss of ignorance.

The town of Adams was named as such since the habitat of the town resembles that of the original untouched paradise of Eden, and Adams being the first man.They say that Adams is a home to numerous waterfalls, and I am here to discover some of its hidden paradise. I am accompaniedby a tour guide, and together we trailed the road to Anuplig Falls. We passed by the paved cemented road of the towns, where meek houses of the locals are found, and I cant help to notice the simplicity of their lifestyle-nothing much than what is needed. From wide paved roads to rough and rocky paths to narrow and dark trails, we walked for almost one hour. The sun shone brightly upon the sky, adding more heat on our bodies as we ascend every minute higher unto the hidden falls. A huge variety of flora is obviously seen upon the landscape not to mention the presence of some insects feasting upon the flowers of these plants. Different species of bird can also be heard and seen as they accompany us along the way.

Along the way stories about the town are shared courtesy of my lady tour guide. She told me of how life in Adams is-basic and simple. It is recently that there town is making its own name in tourism with the help of their own manufactured “bignay” wine fresh from their landscape. With the abundance of what they have in their surrounding-it is basically their biggest asset for tourism. Nonetheless the presence of other minerals from their mountains also serves as an enticement for other people. Wanting to extract all these reserves for commercialism. Its been an issue for the locals about these, they have been offered various forms of monetary assistance and other things to win the locals’ heart to be able to get their sounding “yes” and allow these alien people to get these ores and gems. But the locals told them “no”. Because they know better, they know that the environment will be at risk; theirown habitat, their own home will be damaged by commercialism and capitalism. “What will you do to the money when the nature is gone?”–these words were said to me by my guide. You can see that these people think purely and unselfishly.

As the trailed further the got darker, narrower, I know that the falls is near. After few climbs up and down, the foliage isgetting thicker and interesting, huge trees shadowed us with cooler air and ambiance, plants along the rim of the trail coiled us with their textured edges. Few more walks and I heard the mighty sound of the falls. And then upon the bed of the huge stones and boulders and beyond I saw Anuplig Falls -the water falling about 10 meters above. The splash of water is creates a huge splattering sound, a mist within the air, and coldness upon us. It is such a simple beauty. Within its vicinity are huge trees as if guarding the falls. The water is really cold and inviting. A few minutes to relax and just enjoy the serenity is the way to appreciate these wonder. The motion of the falls creates a stillness in the atmosphere, it is really peacefully beholding.

We managed to visit another fall in the afternoon -Inuwayan Falls. It is smaller than Anuplig, easier to reach, and nearer the town. It rained that afternoon and the trail is thick in mud, but the crisp air is cooler. Fruit bearing trees accompanied us as we get farther-lychees, bananas, cacao, and bignay trees.

As the night unfolds, it is time to rest after a day of trekking and walking. I wasn’t able to visit 3 waterfalls but nonetheless it was a fulfilling experience for me.

Road to Inuplig Falls
















Inuplig Falls





Road to Inuwayan Falls





Inuwayan Falls









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