I Have Met Adams

Project 26: Solo Backpacking

Part 5 of 5

I woke up. Ready for my last day at Adams. It is 5am and still dark outside. The air is crisp and cool, the scent of nature is fresh and clean, the silence is abundant.

My last place to visit in Adams is what they called the Lovers’ Peak. It is situated few walks and about 30-45 minutes from the town. But the roads we walked into is paved and sloping uphill. As the sky gets lighter and hues of orange, pink, and red burst upon the clouds, we got into the place. It is one of the highest point in town, where it gives you 360 view of the vicinity; you can see Pico de Loro-the highest point in Adams, the rice fields below, the Cordillera mountains, and of course the rising of the sun in the east. We waited and saw the sun as it peaked through the tips of the mountain. The fog washed the green landscape, the birds provided the music, and the coldness gave me a sense of warmth and happiness.

As I ate my last breakfast on my private balcony, and felt happy and fulfilled that I was able to push through with my instantaneous decision. Somehow I was able to conquer the fear and I have known Adams.

Perhaps Adams was given such name because of it serves as a reminder not only for the locals but also to others. Adams is abundant and rich on natural resources and on its people stronghold. Locals should fight for these otherwise if they are lured just like Adam and Eve they will be awaken to iniquity and these will destroy them. Hopefully amidst tourism Adams will still flourish as it is-simple, humble, yet proud of what they have-its peaceful environment, rich nature, and dignified locals.

**for your Adams adventure contact these humble and hospitable locals:

Habal Habal: Kuya Ogie- 09994459189

Homestay: Ate Aileen- 09206610632







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