Project 26: Solo Backpacking


Cover Story

It was an immediate decision. Research, planning, and preparation was done overnight. Bus reservations are made, bags are stuffed, and determination, there is no turning back- I am going solo backpacking!!!

With merely 8 days before my 26th birthday, thinking of what gift I would give myself,  amidst of all the choices I had, an impulsive idea brushed my thoughts. Why not give myself a first time experience and an adventure of backpacking solo?!

The moment when that idea crossed my mind, I had one place in mind: Adams, Ilocos Norte. Remote, cool, lush, and quiet were the words that came juggling in my head about this little known place. Situated in the northern part of Luzon island, barely little accounts of people who travelled in this place can be found online. It was once featured in Yahoo’s homepage, and still I can clearly remember the photos I saw and the more I became excited, yet nervous. I am a woman traveling alone on a remote town, nestled on a mountain, bounded by thick tropical rainforest, a population of less than a 1000, yes I am nervous.

Yet equipped with passion and determination I am off northbound. I am nervous perhaps with excitement and perhaps of fear. Fear of traveling solo and excitement of meeting Adams.








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