In Between and Under the Suns – I said ‘YES’!!!


I’m on Albay Province with my boyfriend searching for the sunflower field. Albay is the home of the famous Mayon Volcano but apart from its majestic perfection, are also the various flora upon its rich bed.

Helianthus anuus is the scientific name of this beautiful flower. An exotic specie found its way upon the land of this province. Sun worshiper as they say, which grows fast, blooms big, bright, and yellow flowers, and soon dry out after few days of adoration to the sun. It was an immediate decision to travel southbound to witness these specie in their full glory.

The travel was long and  agonizing in anticipation of what will i be able to see.   It was few hours after midday, it was officially summer season and the heat was intense, despite the gloominess of the weather, the air is damp, and there is no sign of any cold refuge. But beyond the physical irritation of heat, I was excited to see these field of sunflowers!

Few turns from the road, we were able to reach these place. but lo and behold the flowers are all dried out.  it was one of those days when you felt all efforts are gone to waste. It was really disappointing and frustrating, especially after traveling almost 12 hours just to see them. Upon the vastness of the field, these flowers are still standing, pale yellow in colors, yet those flowers bow upon the weight of its dried petals and seeds.  If only I was there earlier…









After few minutes just to take a close look upon its decaying beauty, few frustration and disappointments along the way, we then headed into the hill in what they call “Kawa-Kawa” meaning cauldron shaped. They say it is a hill without a hilltop, and to further understand it one must climb its steep and paved road. Alongside these path walks are the stops to the station of the cross. As we reached the pit stop we noticed the shaped of the hill. Carved by nature and time, is this huge amphitheater like top of the hill, but apart from that, upon its ground, there are yellow blossoms facing the burst of the sun on the west. I look closely and yes, these are blossoming sunflowers!!!! I got excited and felt blessed that something even better come along. We  save the sunflower for last, and agreed to finish the station of the cross first. We went around the edge of the hill, bordered by various flora, and highlighted by the view of the vicinity and of the famous Mayon Volcano.






We reached the highest point and from there we walked down to reach the circular field of sunflower. I noticed my boyfriend being left behind me as we walked further down. Perhaps he was tired and all just like me. But then i was really excited to walk in between these flowers’ aisle.




I was too excited and busy pondering upon these attractions, capturing every angle one can imagine. My boyfriend was on the center calling me out, but i was too overwhelmed by flowers, never mind the heat, never mind the exhaustion, I am happy to be surrounded by them. I ask him to capture a photo of me beside these big and bold flowers. He gracefully accepted my plea… one shot-smile!

Seconds before his right hand touches the shutter release button for the second shot, his left hand made its way in front of the lens holding something. It was circular and glittering beneath the bright rays of the afternoon sun- an engagement ring!!! I was silent for a few second, and he was “Will you marry me?”. It was one of those moments when you cant seem to talk, and it was a moment that you think would only happen in the movies. It was so surreal, but apart from the heat brought by the intense afternoon sun, that one drop of tear made me all realize that that moment is real. He then pulled out my hand and gave me the ring.












a shot taken when i was too busy taking pictures of the sunflowers, all the while he was preparing to pop the question!


this is the shot before he gave the ring!



The gloominess of the weather and the paleness of the dried sunflowers were soon replaced with fresh, young, and even better moment. We got the sun, sunflowers, and nature as witnesses to this proposal, the sun shining majestically below, and the sunflowers towering beside us, blossoming in all its majestic elegance and grace and to top it all of,  I am with the person I love the most.  I am with the person who made a proposal of a lifetime happiness. It was a perfect moment to cherish, he made it all perfect.

I was smiling moments and hours and days later. It was definitely one of those most memorable days and moments. The sunflower field may not be endless or the sunflowers may be comparable to that to Southern France, but nonetheless a promise of something much more boundless and enduring awaits.

Cheers to life, love, and happiness!!!


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