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It was Epiphany, the 5th of January year 2014, the 1st Sunday of the year.

It was the day I got married.

I was standing on the closed door of the Basilica. All the guest and entourage are inside waiting for me. I was trembling, my knees are shaking, my heart is pounding hard and fast and my sweat are just ice cold. A hush of wind came and gave me a sense of comfort as the music from the inside of the church came to my senses. The first few steps is a handful, I almost tipped due to the ravaged shaking when I was standing still. But then after a few I was then graceful and seemed that I float with the music. I almost felt like everything was perfect, the beautiful lit interior of the all steel Gothic Church, the smiling faces of the people around me, but then I heard the voice singing live for the bridal march, it was airy and was falling out of tune. Few more steps, wait I know this voice. Slowly I realized that my groom was singing to me as I walked down the aisle. He was taking a rendition to Robbie Williams’ “She’s The One”. It was unexpected moment and I was about to cry. Yet as I walked and looked back to the people in the Basilica I can’t help but smile. To see all those faces of the people who matters to our life, it was overwhelming. On the transept, my parents are waiting for me. My mom was crying as she saw her eldest child to get married, my dad on the other hand was being tough an all, I hugged them both. Few more steps and my groom awaits. He was still singing while crying. Still I can’t help but smile and be grateful for a man who unexpectedly shows his soft side to everyone. Oh man! As my parents formally gave me to my man, I asked him why he is crying. He told me it was unexpected mixed of emotions, happiness, gladness, gratefulness, and everything in between.

The day ended with dinner, dancing, and fun at a garden reception, under the shade of mango trees, the lit capiz lights, hushed by the cool air, and serenaded by the band playing songs of The Beatles. Everyone enjoyed as much as we the newlyweds cherished that day. The almost 10 months of planning and preparation was finally seen and made tangible. It was a tremendous but enjoyable wedding planning and every efforts was well appreciated.  The vintage-bohemian inspired was lovely and made prominence to our personalities, all the styling, design, and DIYs blend well together. It was all beautiful and perfect, it was everything I have imagined.The night was filled with laughter, smiles, tears, joy, and hope, it was a mixed of positive emotions, but it was all good.

It was the hippiest day, and I am the happiest! It was the day I got married.

2The DIY invitation inspired by vintage postcards. 

1We walk. His and hers. 

6The engagement ring, wedding band, and arrhae, a combination of gold and white gold. The gold ring was a hand me down from my in laws. 

3The diy ring and arrhae pillow and the bible made out of burlap and lace. 

7The Maid of Honor’s bouquet and the principal sponsors sandalwood fan corsage. 

5The brides’s sunflower bouquet, and the groom’s rustic boutonniere. 

0406The groom all pumped up in his Pina Barong suit.

0658Its me! in my simple hippie abstract gown by Jamie Ramos – Go.

2Who can go wrong with a Volks Bettle? Take not of the DIY signage and the pompoms such a nice addition to the cute hippie vintage car!

0723Me as I wait my turn on the aisle. 

0927The bridal march

0952The singing groom.

1155This interior of the all steel structure basilica in the Philippines and Asia – San Sebastian Basilica Manila. The groin vaults, rose windows, stained glass, glass chandeliers, old and dark glamour sums up to this Gothic Revival Architecture. Such elegance and magnificence!

1275The first kiss… well not really. 

1318My cute flower girls with their Angel’s Breath flower head wreath and yellow gowns. 

1434The newlyweds!

1446Wacky pose with my entourage. The scene is filled with yellow, champagne brown, and turquoise blue.


1496This epic shots with the Basilica in the background. 

3Our DIY guest tree, wooden crate w/ our names, and the signage. All welcomed the guest at the reception registration.

4The wedding favors! Different small potted plants of 6 species.

6The wedding photo booth. The Diy wooden crates, signage, the pinwheel backdrop, and our travel framed wall!

5The tables setting and design with candles, DIY table cards and Menu Cards.

8Our cake and the DIY pompoms, fabric garland, and signage as backdrop.

1571The couples area. Packed with DIYs!


7The couple’s area details. 

11The lit trellis walkway and the newlyweds before the newlyweds entrance.



1769The first dance.



Our first photobooth strips.


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