Strangely Beautiful

Kissed by the sun

Washed by the summer heat

Nourished by the fertile

The leaves arise

The efflorescences peak

Taste each hue and vibrance

Contour their shapes and curves

Heed each lineage solitary

Smell their opulence

Delight in the tropics

Whitfeldia elongataWhitfieldia elongata  “Candle White”

Vanda hybrid__

Vanda hybrid_Vanda species

Vanda hybridEuanthe sanderiana. “Waling- Waling” considered as the Queen of Philippine Flowers, also is endemic to the Philippines.

Phalaenopsis sp.

Phalaenopsis amabilis

Phalaenopsis sp. _Phaleonopsis species and hybrids

Passiflora x alatocaerulea_

Passiflora x alatocaeruleaPassiflora x alatocaerulea “Passion Flower”

Pachypodium lamereiPachypodium lamerei “Madasgascar Palm”

Oncidium flexuosumOncidium flexuosum “Dancing Lady”

Nepenthes elataNepenthes elata “Pitcher Plant”

Love Birds PlantsLove Birds Plant

Echiveria gibbiflora Mauna LoaEchiveria gibbiflora Mauna Loa “Blue Curls”

Dendrobium anosmum

Dendrobium anosmum “Purple Rain / Sanggumay”

Cattleya sp.____

Cattleya sp.__

Cattleya sp._

Cattleya sp.Cattleya species

Anthureum adraenumAnthorium andraeanum 

Aechmea fasciata

Aechmea fasciata “Urn Plant / Silver Vase”


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