EMILIE.Not Emily!

I’m Emilie, people mistakenly misspelled my name as Emily- the famous spelling version, same pronunciation yet different spelling. Whenever I type my name in the Microsoft Word, green curvilinear line appears, which says that it is actually misspelled.

I love my name, because of its idleness of it- out of my high school batch, there is only 2 of us with the same name, and in college, I’m the only one with such name. Well in this country the name is not the popular compared to other names such as Katrina, Maria, Kathleen, Jenny, Joy, or others which is overly used in this side of the world!

The name Emilie is definitely European, though I’m not European in any sense whatsoever. According to some random internet baby names site, Emilie originates from Latin which means “rival, laborious, and eager”. Well I think my name itself defines a part of me. I’m competitive, tough, and hardheaded; people mistakenly misunderstood me as sulky, and bitchy in some way. I do like observing people, places, things, and happenings, and perhaps criticize them later on. I’m quite frank on what I see, feel, and observe, and tell what I think about them right away. People see me as someone who is tough yet I have a softer side, which not all people get to discover.

I’m an architect. I love designing buildings. Making something beautiful in paper and in reality.

I’m a photographer in my own way. I like to capture beautiful sceneries, and the even the mundane one.

I’m a writer, or I might say blogger in this sense. It’s a way for me to share what my thoughts are, and a way for me to utilize my mind.

I’m an expressionist. I observe. I criticize.

I’m a bohemian ,a wanderer, in my own way. I want to go to places, see them and observe culture first hand.

I’m a bummer. There are times especially when I’m lazy enough even to take a bath that I just bum around the house, doing nothing but to watch tv, sleep and eat.

I’m a frustrated surfer. Really…I didn’t have any privilege even to try it out, since I don’t know how to swim well.

I’m a hippie. I love freedom, individuality, love, peace and happiness. If I could choose, I would love to be in the hippie’s era,where people embrace these virtues. And don’t you love their sense of fashion?!

I’m a learner; I want to learn more about my crafts and interests. To see and observe makes everything seems to be interesting.


Like every other human beings I’m in pursuit of my happiness. I continually search for it, dream of it, hope and pray for it. I dream of endless sunflower fields is my endeavor in wandering this world. Where I share my thoughts, and of what I capture. Hoping that though people may not be capable of traveling in this side of the world I can share them through words and pictures the experiences I had! Hopefully as much as I enjoy doing these, you could also somehow learn, know, discover, and perhaps share what I’ve managed to do!


39 responses to “EMILIE.Not Emily!

    • I visited your blog and it stunned me! especially your images. I’m a neophyte with regards to taking pictures, especially digital editing, what are the best software for digital editing…i mean that’s easy to comprehend.


  1. hope someday you made your own magazine.. about Life and Architecture.. nice Website u got here… keep it up…

  2. A photographer captures the real,
    An architect designs the best,
    A writer describes an experience…and
    You have the all three in you 🙂
    Nice blog!!

  3. Hey Emilie!

    My own name is Emily actually, and I am was born and still living in Sweden. I just wanted to share a fun fact about our similarities in the names since I think you sound like an awesome person, seriously!! So, here in Sweden, your version of spelling your name is normal, while my isn’t. It has always confused me aswell because of how people pronounce my name, since in Swedish it is not pronounced as Emilie, but more of a like Emilu. The Y is much harder pronouched in swedish than in english. For accurate sounds of the Y, serch the net :).

    Swedish: Så det var den roliga faktan jag bara kände för att dela med mig till dig. Ha det bra! // Emily

    So that was that fun fact I just felt to share with you. Have it good! // Emily

    • you think I’m awesome?! ahahahah…thanks!
      wow…so my name’s spelling in that side of world is the normal version, while your’s isn’t…its ironic…
      here at the philippines your spelling version is the most popular…so when i go to coffee shops they would usually spell it with “y”…while its quite funny sometimes that some people complicates the spelling of our name like emeile, emele….haha its really funny….

  4. Are you located in Hawai’i? Some of those recent flower photos remind me of our visits to there. I was so in love with abundant tropical flowers.

    • hey emily…i love your name…hahahaha…
      congrtas on being freshly pressed…I too enjoyed being fp on wordpress just recently…enjoy the limelight!!!

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